We are a network of top advertising agencies, freelancers, design firms, web and interactive media developers, publishers and broadcasters, media suppliers, film and recording studios, printers, public relations firms, communication educators, foundations, and students from Billings and throughout Montana.

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    By tapping into our collective wisdom and showcasing our work, BAM provides an indispensable, relevant resource for both seasoned professionals and freshmen alike. We are dedicated to raising the standards of our profession, increasing the expectations of our clients, and using our resources to produce services and materials on par with those in much larger markets.

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    The Ramsey Keller Memorial has seen tremendous growth since the beginning of our relationship with Billings Advertising and Marketing Club. BAM has been instrumental in cultivating community awareness for our foundation while helping RKM to meet and exceed projected participation numbers for our two major fundraisers. They took considerable time to get to know us on a personal level and understand why our foundation is so important to us and the people we serve.
    Kori KellerFounderThe Ramsey Keller Memorial

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