A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

Billings Advertising and Marketing, BAM, invites members and guests to a luncheon meeting February 14th from Noon-1:00 p.m. at Hihlands Golf Club. Come hear from Kirk Williams, owner of ZATO.

The topic: A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics.

Whether you own a business, run a business, help with marketing for a business, or are just a naturally curious person longing to stay in touch with modern marketing aspects, you will find benefit in this helpful and fun session on using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool used by anyone from interns to CMOs. In this session we’ll overview the dashboard and key aspects of using and understanding Google Analytics so you can keep up with your website data and make better business decisions. Heck, maybe it will just help you understand what the Millennial in your office is talking about in her weekly reports.

Come join us as we discuss Google Analytics, and have fun doing it!

Kirk is the owner of ZATO. In 2015, Kirk was named 1 of the Top 5 Rising Stars of PPC and in 2016 was named the #7 Most Influential PPCer by PPC Hero. Kirk loves to talk PPC and has spoken at various conferences in the US and London.

Program Cost: $15 for members and $25 for non-members & guests (fee will be charged whether or not you are present)
A plated lunch will be provided by Hilands for all attendees.


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